My love of writing stories and poems to share goes back to my early childhood. In recent years, I’ve also enjoyed researching and writing articles on paranormal and mystical topics, which you can check out on my Blog and Did You Know pages. I invite you to sample an excerpt from my upcoming novel below. Farther down the page you’ll find a few of my poems to enjoy.

Between the Sun and the Moon

— a tale of magic, power, and the supernatural


The setting is ancient Italy, in the time before the Romans came to power. Cardea, a peaceful, prosperous city of idyllic beauty, has stood for 300 years. The Cardeans are an evolved people, trained from childhood in using the power of the mind. Their kind of magic, unique for that time and place, is led by a charismatic High Priest. The Cardeans’ name is respected and feared, and the potency of their magic is legendary, even in places far away.

But treachery rears up in Cardea, threatening the tranquil life of plenty the Cardeans have created. Will their city survive? Will the Diviner’s prophecy come to pass?

Between the Sun and the Moon is scheduled for release in late 2020.  I invite you to read an excerpt from the novel by Clicking Here.


“I must have known you before,
Sweet friend:
Wide-eyed yet fierce in your karate gi,
Sharing your Boone’s Farm and pot with me,
Crashing into hedges.
From the start, you seemed so familiar,
Always you knew me better;
I felt certain I knew you

I must have known you before,
Sweet man;
You evoked the aesthetic and earthy in me,
Admitted the love you carried for me,
Then stepped beyond my reach.
When I read of the lover
Crying out across the sea,
I realized that we
Had loved each other
In so many lives

I must have known you before,
Sweet husband,
Intelligent, sensual, wise;
The depth of your soul
Shines out through your eyes.
When we talked that night I could see
The faces we wore in that other life,
when your protector was me;
Then I listened in awe
As you spoke
The same recollection to me.
I know we have loved
So deeply
So many times

I am One

“O infinite, sacred One
from whom all creation springs;
Fount of abundant life
outpouring through all things;
kindle my voice, that I might sing.

All-knowing, omnipotent One,
Source of everything yet to be;
Wellspring of knowledge and wisdom
that flows eternally;
open my eyes, that I might see.

O radiant, shining One
who has kindled every star;
dwelling at the core of me,
yet reaching infinitely far;
fill me with your sacred light
until I overflow,
keep your presence within my sight,
so I may ever know
I am One.”


The Supper Blessing

“O radiant Moon
and blazing Sun,
of the Mother and Father;
Fertile Earth
and life giving Water,
Breath of Life
and transforming Fire,
All of Nature sustaining us together;
We give great thanks.”
from the novel Between the Sun and the Moon


“Sacred the sky
In every guise:
Bright azure
on a summer day,
or filled with rain-clouds
looming on grey…
or deep indigo at night,
with diamonds at play.
Vast and magnificent, you nourish my soul,
reminding me that I’m whole
And sacred.”


Two Minds

“Two minds
Two souls
Deep unto deep;
Two lives
the circle complete.
You and I.”



“Waning moon,
Luminous white,
Low billows of cloud,
Softly alight:
This is the quiet majesty
Of night.
My soul is renewed.”