About Ann

Ann Young was born in Philadelphia, PA. Her love of art and writing began when she was in grade school. When she wasn’t crafting poetry and stories, she was reading books, or doing drawings of anything that caught her eye. This continued during high school and college, where she studied Art and Creative Writing.

During her college years, Ann had her first encounter with the paranormal—in the form of poltergeist phenomena she witnessed first-hand. Her view of reality changed forever. She began reading copiously about paranormal subjects, building a large personal library; she attended workshops and classes; met psychics, mediums, and practitioners of magic; and did some experimentation of her own.

Fifteen years later, Ann’s fascination with the paranormal intersected with her love of writing. Inspired by the novels of Marion Zimmer Bradley and Jane Roberts, she realized the kind of writing she wanted to do; tales of magic, power, and the supernatural.

Her first novel, Between the Sun and the Moon, will be released in 2020. Set in ancient times, it is the story of an extraordinary people respected and feared for the power of their magic—even as they must face the threat of losing everything they’ve created. Readers can sample the opening of Between the Sun and the Moon on the Writing page of this site.

Ann Young lives in Southern California with her husband. Music, in addition to writing, is an essential activity in her life. She is also reviving her love of the graphic arts to create some original artwork for her novel.